Zeta Beta Tau
       Gamma Beta Chapter


Dear Rushee,

On behalf of the Brotherhood of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Gamma Beta Chapter, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to this years Fraternity Rush! CSUN is a large school and is growing larger every year. There are over 25,000 students enrolled for the upcoming school year. Brothers at National Convention

masondonovan CSUN, as you may know, is a "commuter school". As a first year student, you may be tempted to simply attend class and leave at the end of the day, never meeting more than a handful of new friends or experiencing what this rapidly expanding school has to offer in extracurricular activities. Cal State Northridge offers the best solution to this problem. CSUN has numerous fraternities, of which ZBT is one of the largest. We place a strong emphasis on overall excellence in academics, athletic competition, and a well-rounded social calendar.

The Brotherhood of ZBT has risen to the top of the Greek System. We pride ourselves on our participation in all facets of college life, and we excel in all. At ZBT, we hold the greatest number of "High G.P.A." awards of any fraternity. Recently, we have been the recipients of the Brummers Cup, designating us the top ZBT chapter in the nation. In that same year, we won the Dean's Award, which is a CSUN sponsored award designating ZBT as the best fraternity at our campus, based on such categories as campus involvement, intramural sports, G.P.A., community service, and homecoming. ZBT also has the most extensive social calendars, the most active Brotherhood and Alumni, and the greatest reputation for having fun. Most importantly however, we believe and recognize the importance of a strong, close-knit Brotherhood. The Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is based on the values of Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity, and Brotherly Love.

rush2 While we are the oldest, one of the largest, and one of the most diverse houses at CSUN, we continue to have the tightest Brotherhood. The bond that unifies ZBT is the bond of friendship. We strive to prove to all that we are the finest and best that the college man has to offer. Join us for rush and find out why so many men have made the decision to become part of the elite a brother of the ZETA BETA TAU Fraternity!

Remember that men who join fraternities not only leave school better educated and trained to face the challenges or real life, they have more fun in the process. Rush ZBT - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

ZBT is the dominant force at CSUN - Walk among the leaders of tomorrow, walk among Zeta Beta Tau!

rush3 On behalf of ZBT, we would like to invite you to visit our organization as well as others at CSUN. To make your college experience more memorable at our campus, we at ZBT believe you should acquaint yourself with your campus environment and get involved. Choosing to join a fraternity is the best way for you to do this. Friendships formed at ZBT last a lifetime. The process of selecting the right fraternity for you is not hard. This is the purpose of rush. This is the time when fraternities open their doors to you so you can see where you might like to spend your college experience. We urge you to come by and check us out, meet the brothers, and find out about our fraternity. We are looking forward to meeting you.


The Brothers of Zeta Beta Tau